The Hope Museum™ will engage in outreach within the United States and internationally to promote women’s health and social justice. It will be a venue for fund raising events. The museum will host events, alone, and with other organizations with aligned interests, to help fund research, education, outreach, and other activities that further the mission of the organization.

The museum will support and participate in research in women’s health and in the prevention of violence against women. It will prepare educational material on disease prevention, available in multiple languages.

The Hope Museum will participate in both domestic and international outreach to women and girls, providing education, guidance, referrals and at time economic assistance for restorative medical treatment. The museum will work internationally with surgeons to provide reconstructive surgery, focusing on girls and women with disfiguring injuries and diseases and the need for reconstruction after mastectomy.

The museum will also work with and train “museum ambassadors”; volunteers who work to coordinate activities that further the mission of The Hope Museum in other countries. The museum will train and work with docents, interns, medical and nursing students, and other healthcare volunteers in the museum.