Aug. 28 2016: The Executive Director of the Hope Museum, Dr. Charles Lewis has published a new book, “Unraveling Cancer: Cancer Prevention Even After Diagnosis”.

Unraveling Cancer describes the forces that cause cancer development and outlines a framework for understanding how, in health, the body eliminates cells that have cancer-causing mutations. This book describes how lifestyle habits can interfere with these protective mechanisms, and explains how we can most effectively modify our habits and greatly lower the risk of developing cancer. The same forces that cause cancer also promote its growth and transition into an aggressive, metastatic disease. Making lifestyle and dietary changes even after a cancer diagnosis can reduce cancer growth, enhance treatment, and help prevent recurrence.”

All proceeds from the sale of the book purchased from the Createspace bookstore using the discount code M9CYYBPR (a 10% discount)  will be donated to the Hope museum.


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