The HOPE Museum™ will be a center for education and celebration of women’s health, social justice, femininity, and the empowerment of women.

Although The HOPE Museum™ will confront difficult, sometimes devastating issues, the goal is to be a venue for celebration, empowerment, relief, recuperation, renewal and joy. The Museum will be a venue for hope, founded on science, education, art, and caring.The museum will provide an interactive experience that heightens a woman’s sense of beauty about herself.

The Museum will also be a place of celebration of life. It will not focus solely on overcoming disease, but also on the beauty of the feminine. Art will be used to highlight the beauty and dynamism of the feminine. The Museum will provide a place of celebration of the breast and its role in health and culture.The Museum will feature art, including art celebrating the female form, and art by women who have overcome trauma and disease, expressing their experiences. There will be a small theater that can be used for educational videos, as well as talks, live theater, and musical events.

The HOPE Museum™ will be a home for women’s health promotion and disease prevention. The Museum understands women’s health as an issue of social justice and social good.

The Museum will help women understand they are not alone. It will highlight women’s courage, strength and potential they possess, not only in their own lives, but to make the world a far better home. It will help women become more comfortable with themselves, and the changes they have experienced. It will promote equitable compensation for productivity between genders in the workplace, and shine a light on injustice.