CocoonCocoon, by Margarita Sikorskia

The Arts can tell stories and relate experiences across culture, language and time. The HOPE Museum™ will use art to tell the stories of desperation and hope, or tragedy and triumph, of loss and transcendence. Art can reach our humor and out soul, and help us sort out our values. It can be a thing of beauty showing loss and show dignity even in times of trouble. Art can inspire and humor. It can reveal our inner beauty. Art can simply be fun. Art, photography and other media can shine a light on social injustice.

The HOPE Museum™ will have exhibits which reveal beauty, but will also curate artworks that enlighten and promote social justice for girls and women. Art, photography, video and other media will celebrate humanity and femininity.

The Museum will be a place of celebration of life. It will not focus solely on overcoming disease, but also on the beauty of the feminine. The Museum will feature art, including art celebrating the female form; art by women who have overcome trauma and disease, expressing their experiences. Art will be used to highlight the beauty of the feminine, to help women understand they are not alone, and to see the courage that they possess. It will help women become more comfortable with themselves, and the changes they have experienced. It will help them create a new vision for themselves.

Night 600Painted lady with distant storm by Terje Adler Mørk

The goal is to use art to show transcendence and recovery and provide a message of hope and renewal to women going through similar experiences. Even as an art museum, the purpose in not be to view art, but to participate in the emotional experience art can communicate.

The Museum will also house a theater that can be used for art and educational films, as well as for talks, live theater and musical performances.